MPLP '2016

MPLP '2016

Modern Problems of Laser Physics 2016

Summary Guidelines

Hear one can find the guidelines for preparing the summaries. Please, keep the rules. The template file in “DOC” or “RTF” formats can be downloaded here: MPLP16template.doc, MPLP16template.rtf.

All summaries should be provided in Microsoft Word format (doc, docx or rtf  file format) and submitted as an attachment via email to You can also provide us with a PDF file in addition to the Word’s one. Paper size should be A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm). Margins should be set for a 2.54 cm top, bottom, left, and right. Paragraph indentation (first line indent) is 0.5 сm. Please, do not use any first-line indention for the first paragraph. Indention between neighbour paragraphs should be equal to 4 pt. The total paper length must be one or two pages. Do not add footnotes and page numbers, please.

The summary should be written in English. The document should include the following items in this order: title, authors, affiliations, short mailing address(es), email of corresponding author, main text and references (optionally). Please use “Times New Roman” font 18 pt bolded for the title, 10 pt bolded for the authors’ names, 9 pt italicized for authors’ affiliations, 9 pt regular for email of corresponding author, 11 pt for the body of the text, 9 pt for figure captions and references.

The summary title should be in lower case and centered. Authors’ names should be listed with initials of first names only followed by the last names in full. Commas should separate authors. Centre the author list and underline the name of the presenting author. Affiliations should follow in the next line and centered. For each affiliation, the level of detail should be the name of the organization, institute or department, city with zip (postal) code and country. Superscript numbers should be used as a key to affiliate names to organizations. Numbers should appear after the authors’ names and then before each affiliation. The corresponding author’s e-mail address must be included on the next line and centered. Please use left and right justification of main text. Use one space-line between email of corresponding author and main text, between text and figures, between text and references.

Mathematical equations should be prepared by means of Microsoft Equation 3.0 (from the Object Input Menu). Simple equations should be included in-line wherever possible, whereas more complex expressions should be centred and numbered if there are several. The figures must be greyscale. Advisable resolution of figures is 300 dpi. Figures should be clear. Figure captions should be below the figures and indented 1 cm on both sides and justified on both right and left sides.

All additional questions should be referred to scientific secretary Dr. Denis Brazhnikov.