MPLP '2016

MPLP '2016

Modern Problems of Laser Physics 2016

About Symposium

The VII International Symposium “Modern Problems of Laser Physics” (MPLP-2016) will be held in the “House of Scientists”, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia. According to the tradition, the main objective of MPLP-2016 is to present the frontiers of modern laser physics and its numerous applications, as well as bring together scientists from all regions of the world to establish fruitful scientific collaboration. A special event (School for Young Scientists) will be organized for young participants during the symposium.

Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia. The city is quite new, as it was founded in 1894 on a bank of the greatest river in Siberia, the Ob-river. In these years Novosibirsk has grown into a large industrial, cultural, and scientific center with a population of over 1,5 million. Novosibirsk is often called the capital of Siberia.

Akademgorodok (that can be translated as “Academic Town”) is located 30 km from the city. It was founded in 1957 as a Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. It is not so large, but considered to be the capital of Siberian science and has about a half of the Siberian Branch research potential. There are a lot of physical scientific and research institutes in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Among them are the Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Institute of Laser Physics, the Institute of Automation and Electrometry, the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, the Institute of Thermophysics, the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, etc.

Also the Academpark is situated nearby the Akademgorodok, which is an integrated technology park with unique business and technological infrastructure providing ideal conditions for generation and development of innovative companies. The Akademgorodok institutes cooperate closely with the Novosibirsk State University (NSU), which is also situated in Akademgorodok. About 80% of the University teachers are scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. NSU is one of the 15 Russian universities participating in the TOP-100 program. It shows the potential of the University at the world-level and the credibility given to NSU at the national level.

Akademgorodok is a very nice place. Surrounded by forest and located on a bank of the Ob-Sea, Akademgorodok is a fine recreation center. At the end of summer or at the beginning of fall, Siberia has a “golden season”.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here!