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В высоко-рейтинговом журнале APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS опубликована статья сотрудников ИЛФ СО РАН:

Arkhipov V. E., Smirnov A. L., Grachev G. N., Bagayev S. N., Gusel’nikov A. V., Bulusheva L. G., Okotrub A. V. Continuous synthesis of aligned carbon nanotube arrays on copper substrates using laser-activated gas jet APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, Том: 113, Выпуск: 22, DOI:
10.1063/1.5052283, Опубликовано: NOV 26 2018



Статья в журнале New Journal of Physics

В высоко-рейтинговом журнале New Journal of Physics опубликована статья сотрудников ИЛФ СО РАН:

Yudin, V. I., Taichenachev, A., Basalaev, M., Zanon-Willette, T., Mehlstäubler, T. E., Pollock, J., …
& Kitching, J. (2018).

Combined error signal in Ramsey spectroscopy of clock transitions.


New Journal of Physics.



В сентябрьском номере престижного журнала REPORTS ON  PROGRESS IN PHYSICS (импакт фактор 14.3) опубликована статья с участием сотрудников института Тайченачева А.В.
и Юдина В.И. по обобщенным рамсеевским схемам в атомных часах:

“Composite laser-pulses spectroscopy for high-accuracy optical clocks: a review of recent progress and perspectives”
Авторы: Zanon-Willette T., Lefevre R., Metzdorff R., Sillitoe N., Almonacil S., Minissale M., de Clercq E., Taichenachev A.V., Yudin V.I., Arimondo E.

REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS, Том: 81 Выпуск: 9, Номер статьи: 094401, DOI: 10.1088/1361-6633/aac9e9

Probing an atomic resonance without disturbing it is an ubiquitous issue in physics. This problem is critical in high-accuracy spectroscopy or for the next generation of atomic optical clocks. Ultra-high resolution frequency metrology requires sophisticated interrogation schemes and robust protocols handling pulse length errors and residual frequency detuning offsets.

This review reports recent progress and perspective in such schemes, using sequences of composite laser-pulses tailored in pulse duration, frequency and phase, inspired by NMR techniques and quantum information processing. After a short presentation of Rabi technique and NMR-like composite pulses allowing efficient compensation of electromagnetic field perturbations to achieve robust population transfers, composite laser-pulses are investigated within Ramsey’s method of separated oscillating fields in order to generate non-linear compensation of probe-induced frequency shifts.

Laser-pulses protocols such as hyper-Ramsey, modified hyper-Ramsey, generalized hyper-Ramsey and hybrid schemes as auto-balanced Ramsey spectroscopy are reviewed. These techniques provide excellent protection against both probe induced light-shift perturbations and laser intensity variations. More sophisticated schemes generating synthetic frequency-shifts are presented.

They allow to reduce or completely eliminate imperfect correction of probe-induced frequency-shifts even in presence of decoherence due to the laser line-width. Finally, two universal protocols are presented which provide complete elimination of probe-induced frequency shifts in the general case where both decoherence and relaxation dissipation effects are present by using exact analytic expressions for phase-shifts and the clock frequency detuning.

These techniques might be applied to atomic, molecular and nuclear frequency metrology, Ramsey-type mass spectrometry as well as precision spectroscopy.

Издатель журнала Laser Physics Letters выбрал статью сотрудников ИЛФ

Издатель журнала Laser Physics Letters выбрал статью сотрудников ИЛФ в качестве одной из лучших статей журнала за 2017 года и помещает ее в Highlights Collection.

I’m writing to let you know that your article, Mode-locked fibre lasers with an adjustable drop-shaped cavity published in Laser Physics Letters, has been selected for the journal’s 2017 Highlights Collection. The Highlights Collection is a selection of interesting and stimulating works published in the journal as part of Volume 14 (2017). The Collection is available to access via the journal’s website http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/1612-202X/page/Highlights-of-2017

In order to facilitate greater access and readership, all articles will be made free-to-access until the end of 2018.

Nyushkov, B. N., Kobtsev, S. M., Koliada, N. A., Antropov, A. A., Pivtsov, V. S., & Yakovlev, A. V. (2017).

Mode-locked fibre lasers with an adjustable drop-shaped cavity. Laser Physics Letters, 14(11), 115101.

Новый спектроскопический метод – статья в журнале Physical Review Applied

Уважаемые коллеги!

23 мая 2018 г. в высокорейтинговом журнале Physical Review Applied опубликована статья сотрудников ИЛФ СО РАН Юдина, Тайченачева и Басалаева, посвященная новому спектроскопическому методу – обобщенная автобалансная рамсеевская спектроскопия. Метод универсален и может улучшить характеристики как оптических, так и микроволновых стандартов частоты.

Статья вышла с пометкой “Editors’ Suggestion”. V.I. Yudin et al., Generalized Autobalanced Ramsey Spectroscopy of Clock Transitions, Physical Review Applied, 9, 054034 (2018).

(Текст статьи, pdf eng.)

Статья в журнале Applied Physics Letters

В престижном журнале Applied Physics Letters вышла статья ученых нашего института совместно с Американскими коллегами из НИСТ, Боулдер. Статья отмечена редактором журнала и помещена на обложку.

High contrast dark resonances in a cold-atom clock probed with counter propagating circularly polarized beams.

X.Liu, V.I. Yudin, A.V. Taichenachev, J. Kitching, and E.A. Donley

Текст статьи, pdf